Who is GO Infra?

GO Infrastructures is a Eternia based Franchisee company, which manufactures aluminum doors and aluminium windows of the highest standard, using the best components and accessories available from Europe. Eternia Windows

With its recent introduction to the Indian market, customers now have access to high-quality aluminium doors and windows that can not only reduce energy consumption, but improve the ambient comfort of any home or office environment. Eternia Windows

Custom-made to meet individual tastes and architecture, GO Infrastructures products are styled on contemporary European design and cater for both single - and double - glazed designs.Eternia Windows

Why GO Infra?

The advantages of investing in GO Infra aluminium doors and aluminium windows are:

  • The full range of GO Infra products is easy to install and use.
  • GO Infra doors and windows are waterproof.
  • We offer soundproof window and door solutions.
  • GO Infra seals and rubber are made of EPDM*.
  • We use high-quality parts and accessories.
  • GO Infra hinges and handles are designed with a contemporary feel.
  • All completed components have a modern design.
  • Our products can be custom-made to individual specifications.